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Hosted by Lauren and Jema, this 8 month descent journey follow's the Venus Cycle from September 2023 to the end of April 2024. You can then chose to continue for the ascent journey after this! Join any time during the journey and access all pre-recorded content.

Jema brings her in depth astrological knowledge of the cycle, whilst Lauren will add additional insights from Human Design, Energy Body work and a range of other modalities she works with!

Each month Venus forms a conjunction with the Moon on her journey and each one has a different theme. We will send you a video and guidance on tuning into the themes, which you can then ask questions and get guidance on your astrological chart via the Telegram group. On the last Friday of each month we gather in circle via Zoom to share and reflect on that month's themes and what came up for you. (Recorded if you can't make live).

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What clients say:

"Thank you so much for this. The start of a new 12 year cycle you saw in my chart makes so much sense, everything I have been working on for the last two years is finally clear and I am confident and ready to start sharing how I can help people "

Nutrition Therapist

"Getting some clarity using Human Design as a tool was extremely helpful. I have begun looking at how I respond as a "Generator" in all aspects of my life, paying particular attention to the "shoulds". 

This is a transitional phase for me both personally and professionally. I now feel excited about the potential for the future and have begun to take some baby steps, aware that my health has to come first."

Founder- Tales In Style

"My favourite thing is how Lauren models doing business in a calm, less pressured way. It’s really given me permission to move away from the mentality of always chasing the next marketing trend or thing I feel I should be doing in my business and has allowed me to chill, go with the flow and with what my energy and body is telling me. Thank you Lauren."

EMDR Therapist for Entrepreneurs

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Once you sign up, you'll be invited to join the Telegram group where we'll share all the links you need to everything! Telegram is a free phone and desktop app - ensure you have it downloaded and ready to go!